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Add Credibility (Optional)

To increase the trustworthiness of your profile and greatly increase the chances of your being selected, you may submit documents to confirm the items listed in your profile. A symbol is put on your profile for each item you submit:

Symbol Description
"Proof of Graduation" symbol is displayed when we get a copy of your high school/university/graduate school diploma, certificate of graduate equvilancy, final year transcript (etc.). This lets's browsing students know that we have proof of your educational background.

"Proof of Language School Experience" or "Proof of Training" symbol is displayed if you send us a copy of a receipt of payment from that school, a letter of recommendation on company letterhead from your previous language school, or copy of bank book page showing payment from language school. If you have something else that you think proves that you worked at a language school, please send it in, we'll consider it. This symbol is also used when we have seen a copy of your teacher training certificates (CELTA, TEOFL, TESL, etc.)

"Residence Certified" symbol shows students that you have signed our Teacher Agreement and legally reside in Japan. To display this symbol please email photos of the following *TWO* items:

  1. Signed Teacher Agreement (Download)
This lets students know that that you your official signed Teacher Agreement is on file at headquarters in Yokohama and that we have confirmed your visa.

  2. Photo of Gaijin Card (front and back)
Also known as your "Certificate of Alien Registration" or "Gaikokujin Touroku Shoumeisho". We need a photo (or scanned or printed copies) of your valid gaijin card showing expiration clearly displayed and readable. If the "Period of Stay" on the front of card is expired, the back of the card must show the newest expiration date written in and stamped by your local Ward Office. Please do not mail the actual card.

  Email photos or scanned copies to:
credibility @ getstudents .net (with no spaces)

Fax copies to: 03-5413-7410

Post copies to:
Eikaiwa.FM, Inc. (c/o,
Add Credibility
1-7-10-9F, MotoAkazaka
Minato-ku,Tokyo 〒107-0051


Bilingual Help

These Japanese phrases may help when students contact you by phone.

Handling Calls

These Japanese phrases may help during the first meeting or lesson with student.

First Lesson

Snitch & Earn

Get 1000 yen by letting us know if a school or matching service contacts you. Schools and matching services often use to add teaching staff. This is ok and encouraged BUT the price for schools/matching services to purchase teacher contact information is 9,800 yen. This is higher than the individual student price of 3,800 yen.

Schools sometimes don't notice that the price was 9,800 yen so these schools accidentally pay only 3800 yen. When we contact them to ask for the remaining balance, they usually pay up.

When you help us by letting us know when and by which person and school you were contacted, we check whether that school paid the correct amount. If they have not, and if we can collect, we'll gladly to give you a 1000 yen bounty when that school pays. We do not inform the school of our sources.


Become an Affiliate

Earn ¥1500 yen for each language student you introduction to We give you links you can add to your web profiles, your websites or can include in emails to Japanese friends and prospective students. (spamming is not allowed). Full details & sign up at:

Has a potential student ever asked you to:
- teach them but they lived too far away?
- teach their child but you don’t teach kids?
- teach a language that you don’t teach?
- teach a special class that you are not prepared to teach (like Phd. level grammar, legal or medical translations, etc)?

OR has an existing student ever asked you to:
- find them a teacher in the town they will soon move to?
- recommend a teacher for their friend who lives far away?
- find them a replacement teacher when you move or leave Japan?
- find a temporary teacher while you go on vacation?

Now, whenever you can't teach a student yourself, you no longer have to say “Sorry, I can’t help you". Instead, you *can* help them by directing them to Plus, you'll earn ¥1500 yen for each successful introduction that is made.

Considering that you couldn't teach that student anyhow…it’s an easy way to earn ¥1500 *and* help your fellow teachers (who are also helping you).

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