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2022.03.16 (Wednesday)


Students can now message you easier

2022.02.25 (Friday)


Station search now lightning fast!

2022.02.03 (Thursday)


New Advanced search features added!

2021.05.02 (Sunday)


Keyword Search Added!

2020.09.16 (Wednesday)


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Students can now message you easier

2022.02.25 (Friday)

We added the messaging system a couple of years ago.  It lets students send teachers a note before they commit to ordering that teacher.  Students can make sure teachers are still teaching, ask questions about anything unclear in a teacher's profile, or to check if the teacher is right for them.

The messages system has been very successful so far.  

Recently, we added a new location in the website from where students can send messages.

Now, in addition to the button in teachers' full profile that says "Ask Teacher a Question" , Students can now see and click this button in the search results page.

This is increasing the number of messages being sent to teachers and increasing orders.

BTW, the faster a teacher replies to a message, the more likely a student will order that teacher.

Thanks for responding to students messages.  We hope it helps you get more students!

Jake Rollins
Teacher Helper