International Party



TGI Fridays International Party June 21st!

2018.06.13 (Wednesday)


Language Exchange Party June 8 (Yokohama)

2018.06.01 (Friday)


International Party April 13th Yokohama

2018.03.22 (Thursday)


Georgian Language (& Georgia, the country) added

2018.03.03 (Saturday)


International Social Party in Yokohama (Feb 9th, Fri)

2018.01.26 (Friday)


\"Busy season\" has started. Is your profile accurate?

2018.01.17 (Wednesday)


Welcome 2018 Party (1/24) Hard Rock Cafe Yokohama

2018.01.15 (Monday)


CHRISTMAS PARTY - Fri. December 8th (Yokohama) FREE Entry for Registered Teachers*

2017.11.15 (Wednesday)


Teacher\'s Stations increased from 25 to 30. Are yours OK?

2017.10.29 (Sunday)


NEW! Specify Children\'s Ages that you teach

2017.10.24 (Tuesday)


NEW! Students can ask you a question before they order you.

2017.09.22 (Friday)


NEW! Your Hobbies / Experience searchable

2017.04.20 (Thursday)


FREE! Japanese Teacher Introduction for Registered Teachers

2017.03.23 (Thursday)


NEW! Opt in & Out of being selected by Schools

2017.03.14 (Tuesday)


NEW! Skype Lessons & Non-Teaching work options added

2017.02.15 (Wednesday)


Is your profile ready for 2017?

2016.12.29 (Thursday)


Cities lists updated. Please add all of yours

2016.04.30 (Saturday)


SPECIAL! Japanese Teacher Introductions ONLY ¥1000 for Teachers

2016.02.29 (Monday)


Sale to previous students until Feb 29th

2016.02.13 (Saturday)


Missing cities in Aichi-ken Added!

2016.02.03 (Wednesday)



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