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After Work Party (1/30) - Near Sakuragicho Station

2019.12.10 (Tuesday)

DETAILS AT: Liven up your work week by joining our After Work International Party at [HARD ROCK CAFE] a short walk from Yokohamas JR Sakuragicho station. It's Ok to come alone and most people do. It's a good chance for you to practice your Japanese too. First timers are Welcome! Make some new friends while forgetting about work. Meet internationally minded business / non-business people of all ages from various countries. Plus, it is a good chance to speak English or Japanese and other foreign Languages.す。 ALL drinks & cocktails are 500yen during the party. This party is held by Japan's largest international language exchange websites ( / ) and attracts a wide variety of people of all ages and nationalities. Everyone (over 18) is welcome so please join us and bring your friends. How much / いくらですか?: 日本人女性 / Japanese Females 1,000 Yen 日本人男性 / Japanese Males 1,500 Yen 外国人 / Foreigners 1,000 Yen The special party prices last until 9 but the party usually continues until 9:30 or 10 with regular prices. See you there! Jake