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We Help Teachers in Japan who Need Students

If you are teaching English (or any language) in Japan and looking for your own students, you've come to the right place. introduces hundreds of language teachers to students each week and has thousands of teacher members throughout Japan.

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How Works

Create your free teacher profile ( see sample ) on the sign up page in about 15 minutes. Then activate your profile by clicking the emailed link. Your profile gets displayed in Japanese to prospective students on our student site called (see a sample profile in Japanese). Prospective students search for you by the language you teach, your location or station (try an actual search). After viewing your background, experience and other information you provided, students decide whether to select you.  After you are selected, students email or call you to set up the first lesson. To make your profile more attractive to prospective students you can add a photo, a voice sample, proof of credentials and more.

Your Profile - Creation & Maintenance

For best results, be sure your teacher profile is error-free, upload an appealing photo and be sure to regularly "refresh" your profile by logging into the Record Control Center and clicking "Refresh".  The date and time of your most recent "refresh" displays to students above your profile and lets students know that you are ready and willing to teach.  "Refreshing" also pulls your profile to the top of your teaching areas' search results. These top profiles are viewed and chosen the most by students.

Over 50 languages are available to teach anywhere in Japan.  If your language is not listed, let us know and we'll add it for you.

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