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NEW! Specify Children's Ages that you teach

2017.10.24 (Tuesday)

Until now you could select either "Children's Classes" only Well...those days are gone!

Starting today, teachers that teach Children can indicate the ages of children they are willing to teach.

This will help us match you more accurately with the right aged students and help students search for you more accurately. Please indicate in your profile the "From" and "To" ages of the children you want to teach by logging in at , then click "Edit My Profile" -> "Languages" and change the default settings "From 5" and "> 14". to whatever choices are.

Most teachers will only need to adjust the "From" age because if you leave "To" age as ">14", your profile will display "5歳から" (or "Over 5 years old"). The "> 14" will not display anything to students because it means "any age over 14" (and because "Over 5 years old" is enough ; )

For teachers that *do* select a "To" age lower than 14 (like "12") your profile will display (ex.) "From 5 to 12 years old".

You'll see what I mean after you log in and set this. As always, let me know if you have any questions.