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SPECIAL! Japanese Teacher Introductions ONLY ¥1000 for Teachers

2016.02.29 (Monday)

Need a Japanese teacher? We've got plenty.

OK. We admit it. We have a glut of highly underutilized but very eager teachers of Japanese language looking for students. They are less introduced-to-students than our gaijin foreign-language teachers, because we don't promote them too strongly (due to the poor ROI we've gotten from doing so before).

But these are trained, skilled, and great teachers who deserve better so...

We have decided to offer Japanese teacher introductions to you* for 1000 yen (instead of the usual 3800 yen).

That is a list of 5 teachers for 1000 yen. The goal is that you find one good teacher but we give 4 for "backup".

*Who can get this offer?
Any teacher that has been registered on for 2 months and refreshed in the past 30 days. (To refresh, click the "Refresh" button in your Record Control Center after you log in).

How long will this promotion last?
Not sure. I just thought of it right now. Plus, it's being done on a trial basis until I catch someone abusing it (as someone always does)
; )

You can view all Japanese teachers Japan-wide:日本語先生/

OR you can narrow it down to your area. For example, Tokyo Japanese teachers are here:日本語先生/東京都/

You can search by station too. One slight catch (for now) is that the searching and order form are currently only in Japanese. The PayPal part should appear in your native language.

How do I pay?
Until I set up the discount page, please:
- Credit Card - Email me and I'll send you and invoice you can pay online
- PayPal 1000 yen to [email protected]
- Bank or post office wire transfers: When ordering select "振込" (wire transfer) but only transfer 1000 yen.

If you need help placing an order or have other questions, contact me directly.

Jake Rollins, Teacher Helper
[email protected]




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