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Missing cities in Aichi-ken Added!

2016.02.03 (Wednesday)

Were we asleep at the wheel and didn't notice that these cities existed?
Not exactly.

When we fist created (as these cities did not meet our criteria but now we see no reason not to include them. This cities include:

弥富市 Yatomi-shi
長久手市 Nagakute-shi
みよし市 Miyoshi-shi
北名古屋市 Kitanagoya-shi
愛西市 Aisai-shi
清須市 Kiyosu-shi
津島市 Tsushima-shi
あま市 Ama-shi

We are glad that adding cities to a database is much easier than building real cities
; )

Be the first teacher to add these to your teaching places and temporarily enjoy your virtual monopoly!





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